大学营销与传播 is 美高梅官方网’s resource for communications, 讲故事, 媒体关系, 平面设计, 社交媒体等. Our office leads strategic marketing efforts to increase enrollment and retention, 并支持校长办公室和大学发展的努力. 寻找校园故事? 你可能会在 故事存档. 我们也管理大学的 数字资产管理系统, 一个可搜索的档案数以千计的高质量的照片, campus logos and other artifacts — available to anyone with a 美高梅官方网 NetID and password. We’re also here to answer any questions about licensing and brand usage that our 校园身份标准 不回答. 此外,我们还生产 鹰派人物周刊的电子通讯,定期发给全体教职员工和学生.

Questions? See below 欲了解更多信息 on what we do and who you can contact regarding our various services.

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大学营销与传播 is happy to help with your marketing and communication efforts in support of the 美高梅官方网 brand. 任何项目,无论大小,请访问 0vm4n.ouwenshiye.com/umc/project-request 然后填好表格.

The 本科招生 Office collaborates with 大学营销与传播 on a variety of promotional materials (booklets, 一页纸)教员, staff and students are welcome to use to provide information about the university to prospective students at your on- and off-campus events, 演讲, etc.

To request materials for your future presentation or event, please fill out the 网上申请表格.

大学营销与传播 is happy to review and edit your Spanish-language content or to arrange for it to be professionally translated. 任何项目,无论大小,请联系Kristine Zaballos zaballos@ouwenshiye.com for details.


如欲订购新名片,请填妥 教职员名片申请表.

如果您对申请表有任何疑问, 请与大学营销和传播联系 devereauRE26@ouwenshiye.com.

起订量为100. 请订购偶数.

如果您有任何关于打印或发送卡片的问题, 请与印刷服务联络 copyservices@ouwenshiye.com.

Please log out of any personal Google accounts before selecting the business card request link. 您将被重定向到美高梅官方网登录页面.





You can 直接从动态奖项和服装订购姓名徽章. 徽章每个10美元,包括送货.


我们一直在寻找伟大的故事创意. If you know of a student, faculty or staff member, or alum who deserves a shout-out, email us at news@ouwenshiye.com.

We love so many things about 美高梅官方网 — including how much love we get for 鹰派人物周刊! 这份校园通讯在每周二上课时发送. 截止日期是前一周的周四中午. 意见书可进行编辑.


我们的目标是清晰、一致和简洁. In general, 我们的办公室遵循美联社的风格, “Garner’s Modern American Usage” and “Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary.”

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Our office is charged with managing campus-wide announcements, also known as broadcast emails. This system is designed to facilitate the dissemination of critical information to the campus community. Any administrative unit or academic department associated with 美高梅官方网 may post an announcement request 只要符合学校规定就行. 一旦获得批准, the announcement will be posted to the 公告 website and will be sent to campus groups via a mass e-mail. The system is not meant for general event promotion — events should be posted on the campus calendar at events.ouwenshiye.com.

如需申请公告或查看已存档的公告,请访问 http://announcements.ouwenshiye.com/.


我们的视觉识别是我们是谁的重要组成部分. 它能激发认同感和归属感. 保持我们卓越的声誉, it is essential that we all work together to ensure the 美高梅官方网 identity is applied consistently everywhere. 统一的品牌标识使我们的学校更加强大.

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美高梅官方网的可搜索档案,或者 数字资产管理系统(DAM), 2012年至今的大学摄影作品可供学生使用, staff and faculty to use for university-related purposes via the 美高梅官方网 Libris library. 您需要您的Net ID和密码才能登录. 我们正在不断上传新的和存档的照片,所以经常检查回来!

Persons, businesses or organizations who wish to film on university property for commercial purposes must receive express consent via a facilities use contract. Contact 杰夫Angileri, executive director of 大学营销与传播 at news@ouwenshiye.com 欲了解更多信息.


  1. Most cameras perform well with auto-exposure and auto-focus settings, so use those. 对于iPhone或Android,请将相机设置为最高分辨率. 对于数码相机,使用RAW或LARGE JPEG设置.
  2. Most phone cameras can zoom in and out by dragging your thumb and index finger on the screen. 拖动帧到广角和长焦之间的中间范围. Avoid wide angle lenses which distort features and make subjects look smaller and farther away.
  3. 避免自拍. 让别人给你拍照.
  4. Indoors, position your subject near a window on a sunny day where the light coming through the window is diffused, 不受阳光直射. Turn off electric lights and florescent tubes in the room so the natural light is the only light.
  5. Outdoors, 如果你被限制在正午刺眼的光线下, find some partial shade where the sun is reflecting from bright surfaces like buildings, stone, 水和玻璃. 避免深阴影. 在一天的早期和晚期, 阳光有一种柔和的, 温暖的品质,这是特别讨人喜欢的肖像.
  6. 背景是我们在主体背后看到的东西. 保持背景简单. 有些摄影师非常专注于拍摄主题, 他们忘了注意树枝, 背景是电线和杂物.
  7. 现在,您已经准备好将主题设置为您所选择的设置. 如果你有一面墙或固体表面作为背景, 让你的拍摄对象离墙向前走几步. Ask her to look at the camera but twist at the waist toward the main light source so that one shoulder is closer and more three-dimensional.
  8. 让它成为一个团队的努力,玩得开心. How the subject feels—stressed, relaxed, nervous, confident—will be seen in the picture. 通过靠近或远离你的主题来构图, 或者站在凳子上从上面看.
  9. 知道图片将如何使用. If you want to have prints made, you likely will need the resolution of a DSLR camera. 如果你的目标是上网,iphone或安卓相机可能就是你所需要的.

如果你对肖像或其他类型的图片有疑问, 请随时给摄影师克雷格·施赖纳发邮件 schreinc@ouwenshiye.com.

Blogs, social networks and websites are exciting channels to share information and connect with others. 美高梅官方网 is active in these online communities and supports the participation of colleges, 部门及其他单位, as well.

大学营销与传播 manages all university-level social media accounts. 目前包括Facebook、Twitter、YouTube和Instagram.

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  1. Go to your camera record settings and if possible, set them to 1080p HD or 720p HD.
  2. Unless otherwise requested, always film subjects with the camera in a horizontal position.
  3. When recording sound, place camera no further than two or three feet from subject. 在室内安静的地方录音.
  4. Light subjects from the front and avoid bright lights or windows behind subjects.
  5. 如果可能的话,将相机固定在三脚架或支架上. 否则,尽可能稳定地握住相机.
  6. 记录自己的时候, 将相机放置在与眼睛平齐的位置,避免天花板, 灯光和创造一个更令人愉悦的角度.
  7. Wait a few seconds before and after speaking and continue to look at camera before reaching to turn camera on or off.
  8. Wear solid colors (except all-white or black tops unless with a jacket/sweater). 没有商业标志,除非是怀特沃特大学的装备.
  9. 如果你想定期提交视频, you can increase the quality of your videos by purchasing accessories like a tripod or stand, 外部麦克风或灯.
  10. 下载你的视频到一个共享驱动器,如谷歌驱动器. 20MB或更小的视频可以通过电子邮件发送.

请联系摄像师Jeffrey Pohorski pohorskj@ouwenshiye.com 有什么问题吗.

(262) 472-1195

Kristine Zaballos
(262) 472-1193

我们的视觉识别是我们是谁的重要组成部分. 它能激发认同感和归属感. 保持我们卓越的声誉, it is essential that we all work together to ensure the 美高梅官方网 identity is applied consistently everywhere. 统一的品牌标识使我们的学校更加强大.

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寻找工作场所安全实践方面的专家, 埃及文学, 学校咨询或金属加工? 我们会帮你的. 我们的可搜索数据库将帮助您找到有答案的人: my.ouwenshiye.com/facultyexpertisedatabase.

新生住在校园里的比例是多少? 多少百分比的战鹰在获得学位后留在了这个地区? 这所大学每年颁发多少学位? 这是你的一站式一站式的最新数据uw十大网赌平台. (答案:97%,90%和2,900+): 0vm4n.ouwenshiye.com/irp/fast-facts.